Forté Composites is an outsource manufacturer of pre-cast polymer concrete.  These are some of our clients’ recent polymer concrete applications:

Polymer Concrete Applications
Polymer concrete is used in a large cross section of industries:
Pulp & Paper Fast Food
Chemical Processing Retail
Metal Refining Construction
Pulp Manufacturing Municipalities
Food Processing Utilities
Service Stations Unlimited Potential

Chemical Containment

We partnered with our client to develop a portable chemical containment berm made with polymer concrete.  This patented product is an improvement over traditional concrete berms and plastic bladders because its offers both portability and durability.

Waste Containers

We partnered with a client to develop decorative waste containers made with polymer concrete.  The containers supplement their existing product line and are marketed as premium products because they have greater durability and enhanced decorative appearance. 

Pump Bases

We took over the manufacture of pump bases from a client who was already using polymer concrete material.  This freed the client to focus on their core product line.

Unlimited Potential

Forté has developed and manufactured customized solutions for many civil, industrial and commercial applications. Some successful polymer concrete applications not listed above include capping boards for the copper refining industry, building panels, floor panels, sump tanks, and pre-sloped trench drains.
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